06 Mar · soli
New locations
There are 5 new stations available, to finish the east ends of orange and purple metro lines. Also a new outside locatio..
13 Nov · icko
Retreat from battles
Retreat from battles will be easier. We allowed retreating from battle without any unconscious soldiers - it will not wo..
29 Oct · soli
Restart of all clans
We have completed all the major game features that will be part of the upcoming release of Fallin Game, now it remains t..
09 Oct · soli
Recycler workshop
An improved Recycler workshop is now available. You will be able to recycle weapons that you won't need anymore, or even..
19 Sep · soli
Metro soldiers recruitment
Recruitment of new stalkers and a Radio station workshops are now available. There are five levels of available recruits..
13 Aug · soli
Bandages and First-aid Kits
We made some improvements in the battle healing skills, here is some information. Healing without Bandages or First..
17 Jul · icko
Market workshop
The Market workshop is now available to be built in the underground metro base. Here you can sell some of the clan inven..
03 Jul · icko
TURBO BATTLE and clan restarts
To help with faster testing and also to save you some time with the 'farming' battles, we've introduced the 'TURBO BATTL..
13 Jun · soli
Full version - development started
We would like to announce that the Fallin Game demo version is officially finished and we are entering the development p..
14 Mar · icko
Modern Complex station
New station available to expand your clan base to - just for fun!..
11 Mar · soli
More Improvements
You can now repair the weapons directly from the soldier's screen when you click on his current weapon, you still need t..
01 Mar · icko
Repairing 0% weapons
It is now possible to repair even the weapons with 0% condition, combining two of the same type will give you one 9% wea..
27 Feb · icko
Improved raid matchmaking
We've improved the base raid matchmaking, so it will do much better job matching clans closer to each other in the ladde..
26 Feb · icko
First of all welcome to Fallin Game and thank you very much with all the help, we welcome any feedback we can get, good ..